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Yearly social, cultural and other events organized by Shreemanta Dagdusheth Halwai Public Ganapati Trust

Chaitra Shudha Pratipada (Gudhipadwa)

Gudhipadwa In the year 1984, on the auspicious day of Gudhipadwa festive Lord Ganapati Idol was established in the temple. Gudhipadwa means Chaitra Shudha Pratipada, on this auspicious day Prabhu Shree Ramchandra returned from his long dwelling in a forest. To welcome and to symbolize their love and respect for Shree Ramchandra the villagers erected Gudhi as the symbol to pay their homage. This is a very auspicious day for all the eternal religion followers. On this very auspicious day on account of Ganapati temple anniversary public erect gudhi in front of the temple and carry it in procession, People are greeted with a rose and sweet distribution as this day is a New Year day as per the Hindu Calendar and so it is celebrated.

Music FestivalMusic Festival

Music Festival is organized on the day of the Mangalmurti Ganapati temple anniversary. Every year from Gudhipadwa to Ramnavmi (End of Ramnavmi) Artists of International fame are invited to perform in this festival and entertain audience. This festival is celebrated without charging the participants. This is the only music festival celebrated in India with international fame without charging the participants. This music festival was started in the Year 1984.


Traditional Events

Traditional EventsShreemanta Dagadhusheth Halwai Trust Music Festival is a accustomed name for the performers. To enable the devotees of Lord Ganesh to see the great performers perform, this music festival was organized for them to enjoy it without charging them. National and International fame Singers, Musicians; Dancers have performed on this platform. Many of these performers irrelevant of their participation in this festival, they come here to worship Lord Ganesha.


National Ganesh Festival Programme

Festival Prize DistributionThe main intention to start National Ganesh Festival Prize Distribution Programme was to follow the footsteps of Lokmanya Tilak. The main aim was to spread awareness among public, Educate people, to educate through entertainment; religion, tradition and culture should prosper. To educate people about the problems at national and state level. To encourage youth and divert the youth energy in right direction. Every year many clubs participate in this event. In this competition clubs work is analyzed. The clubs work in Social, Cultural, Educational, Medical and other sectors. Decoration and Discipline in the festival is also considered. We contribute about Rupees 5 lakh as the prize amount and the good effects of this are visible. The various clubs are indulging in the Rehabilitation and women’s participation is the results of this effort.

Chaturmasatil Satsang Labh

SatsangIn Chaturmas sermon, discourse and virtuous company of the saints and ascetic is our India’s tradition. Following this tradition the trust arrange one month long sermon and discourse of devotee of Hari Shree Baba Maharaj Satarkar. Every year new topics are chosen. Dynashwari, Saint Tukaram Maharaj, Namdeo Maharaj, Eknath Maharaj, Bhagwan Shree Krishna, Bhagwan Shree Ram, Shree Ganapati Bappa and similar such topics are talked on extensively, with adoration, giving the worldly concerns and mundane examples. Baba Maharaj entices everyone with his discourse sometimes talking things lightly and sometimes seriously he explains the crux of philosophy thus engrossing the audience in devotion and make them understand the bhagvat religion as a social obligation. And the outcome of this is de addiction and finding the right path in life.

Appreciation Award

To establish an admirable society many individuals worked diligently ignoring their own gain. Individuals from the different spectra who have touched other’s life through their work in the field of literature, Music, theatre, art, sports, medicine, education and many such fields.
Individuals who have created happiness in other people lives are appreciated with this award. And thus this award was started to mark the appreciation for these outstanding people.

Shiv Jayanti Vakhyanmala

Shiv JayantiPublic Ganesh Festival was aimed to create ideological enlightenment, Democracy, Court, Government, affair, law, social binding, to find solution to Society, center and state issues. To understand economical, social, educational, Issues related to farming, issues related to medicine, issues related to government, to find solution on unemployment, corruption and dearth, to understand the importance of the Indian culture, history and traditions, To educate mass about religion, spirituality and philosophy. To establish a competent and strong India there is a need to educate today’s youth about their country and its related problems. To set an example of Shivraya for the society, since 1968 they are pursuing the educational campaign to make them understand the brilliance, competence and strategies. During these discourse got the opportunity to hear many renowned intellects from Maharashtra.
Principal Shivajirao Bhosle, Balasaheb Bharde, Shreeram Shevalkar, Barrister Vithalrao Gadgil, S.M. Joshi, Baba saheb Purandhare and many such respected people were present. Magnificient Procession of Shivaji Maharaj is carried. Different squads many locals participate in this procession bestowing the exuberance and commemorating the words of saint Samartha. Shivraiya che aathave Rupa…

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